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Cluster 14 | E.R.S.T.U.

Enjeux et Représentations de la Science, de la Technologie et de leurs Usages.

Emergence des sciences cognitives

6 ème séance du séminaire ESC : La cognition sociale

24 avril 2008
14h30-16h30, ENS LSH
contact : Jean-Michel Roy

Daniel Hutto Philosophy, University of Hertfordshire

The Narrative Practice Hypothesis : Motivations and Challenges

”This talk will introduce and motivate the conjecture that a sub-set of narrative practices, those involving stories of a distinctive kind, constitute the true basis of our folk psychological understanding and our everyday skill at making sense of actions in terms of reasons (a practice which I call folk psychology, sensu stricto). This is the core claim of the Narrative Practice Hypothesis (or NPH). This talk will elaborate, situate and defend the NPH against some recent challenges - both from those who favour third-personal mentalizing or ‘theory or mind’ approaches (which includes most simulationist theorists) and others who advocate a more radically eliminativist stance on folk psychology. Most importantly, I will address the worry that having the kind of narrative competency required for fist entering into folk psychological practice necessarily presupposes having mature ‘ToM’ abilities.”

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